This chap has a neat solution to replace the expensive boat engines

When you were a kid, if you have been to the countryside with your family, you would have definitely tried the boat ride around the lake nearby. It is all exciting the first time but the feeling wears off every next time you guys decide to take the boat ride. But then here is a guy who knows how to keep us all excited for it.

This guy makes use of his old dirt bike, modified its tires and fastened it to the boat where the engine would usually sit. This ingenious method is sure to grab a few eyeballs and a lot of critics too.

Is it a boat? is it a motorcycle? or both?
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He cut the rear tire in scallops and then modified each scallop so they would act like little paddles. Well, some could call this guy stupid because he chose to make use of an old dirt bike as an engine instead of buying a new one. But a new boat engine would cost more than his ingenious modification. Who is really the stupid one?

Yes, it makes a lot of noise and moves so little. But that’s how small ideas become big one day. In a lot of aspects, it is pointless, but there was some good ingenuity behind it all. All credit to this guy for not falling for submission.

Hope he has some alternative cooling for the engine for there is absolutely no airflow over the radiator, else it’s a wrap for him. But I wouldn’t blame him much. Who wouldn’t want to have such beautiful people as his customers? Wink.

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