Innovation has no limits, especially when it comes to designing machines that will solve human kind’s commuting problems. The tendency is to keep the thing, light, compact and green. This is also the case of the unicycle named NOAH.

A concept, the bike aims towards that perfect union between rider and machine, the first using the last as an extension of its body for strict commuting problems in comfort and without polluting. It so uses an electric engine, but what attracts our attention is the two parallel tires which would initially make you wonder about steering the thing. Well, the rider’s body movement will do that, like on a normal bike, only that there will be a strange feeling of incertitude as you are riding like they do at the circle.

Is the NOAH a unicycle from the future?
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Andrei, the designer, especially designed the NOAH in order to incorporate its every single feature between the two giant tires. So you will find that the electric engine, the battery, charger and similar paraphernalia being located in a minimalist design right in the middle of the bike.

I believe that the designer thought at a low center of gravity and that would mean that this concept can leave its drawing board and become the real thing. We can only hope so as it was a finalist in IDSA/IDEA Brasil 2007/08.

Is the NOAH a unicycle from the future?
- image 255678

Source: thedesignblog

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