BMW are already producing the S1000RR superbike, so why wouldn’t Volkswagen have their own? VW holds quota of Suzuki, so speculating about another German superbike seems now closer to reality then ever before.

The unofficial project belongs to German designer Nils Poschwatta, who has in the past worked for Volkswagen, but it is still in the “what if” faze as there are some impediments. First and foremost, there’s a great contradiction between the name Volkswagen and a two-wheeled vehicle which is everything but "wagen". Secondly, VW will most likely limit itself to investing in the Suzuki division and not in the launching of an all-new vehicle for them in a segment in which tradition has a strong word and big brands dominate the scene.

Still, the idea remains very interesting, especially as the project wears the R fingerprint, the new sports division launched by VW.

In the past, the German car manufacturer was suspected of planning a motorcycle together with the Austrians from KTM, but nothing turned into fact. So let’s just hope this concept does because it looks simply outstanding and yet plausible.


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Rod  (825) posted on 02.8.2010

If they built this concept they would use a Gixxer engine it looks good.

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