• Is Yamaha About To Release R2 and R9 Models?

European trademark applications say yes

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European trademark applications by Yamaha for the R2 and R9 names indicate that new faired sports bikes are on the way. The R9 is an obvious move, bridging the gap between the R7 and the R1 while the R2 could be a smaller version of the R3 or a larger version of the R125 and R15 and would be aimed at the Asian and Indian markets.

Is Yamaha About To Give Us an R2 and R9 Sports Bikes?

Is Yamaha About To Release R2 and R9 Models?
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Yamaha R1
MT-10 is the naked version

Earlier this year, Yamaha trademarked a whole slew of model names in Japan, from R1 - R9, along with R15, R20 and R25. This didn’t necessarily mean that we were going to see all these bikes, just that Yamaha was covering all its bases in case they decided to build any capacity of R sports bike.

Is Yamaha About To Release R2 and R9 Models?
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Yamaha MT-03
Faired to give the YZF-R3

This year has already seen the introduction of the YZF-R7, based on the MT-07 running gear. Now, new trademark applications in Europe suggest that two new R models are on the cards: an R2 and an R9. It makes sense for these two models to be launched, being based on existing models, whereas there is nothing in the range that could be turned into an R4, R5 or R8 model. Yamaha have also applied for the same trademarks in Australia, lending more credence to their impending introduction.

Is Yamaha About To Release R2 and R9 Models?
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Yamaha YZF-R7
Came from the naked MT-07

The R9 is an obvious model given the MT-09 has no equivalent R model yet, despite Yamaha’s recent policy of close ties between its MT and R models. The MT-10 is the R1 without bodywork and the MT-07 has spawned the R7. In Asia, the MT-125 has an R125 equivalent, the MT-15 has the R15 and the MT-25 has the R25, while the MT-03 and R3 sell well in western countries.

Is Yamaha About To Release R2 and R9 Models?
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Yamaha MT-09
Making a faired sports bike version would fill a gaping hole between the R7 and R1

Further justification for the existence of the R9 is that it will fill a gaping hole in the Yamaha sports bike line-up, between the R7 and R1. The 117bhp MT-09 SP running gear sits nicely between the 72bhp R7 and the 197bhp R1.

The R2 is unlikely to appear in western markets and would, in all likelihood, be aimed directly at the Asian market. It could be a sleeved-down R3 or R25 or an enlarged R125 and R15.

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