It often goes unsaid, but for those who are really into motorcycles, headlight designs often spell the difference between a bike that looks good and a bike that looks great. Harley-Davidson even adopted that philosophy at one point when it released its Daymaker headlights. Now comes Logolight 1, a new headlights concept that kind of makes those Haymakers look pedestrian by comparison.

That’s saying quite a long given the depths of technology normally given to the advancements of headlights. Jakusa Designs’ Logolight 1 isn’t competing on that end, knowing full well that it doesn’t have the capabilities to even come close to what the R&D departments of those companies can come up with.

Where it’s pitching its fork is in the design of his headlights, something it thinks is more than ready to line up against anything what the standard-bearers have to offer. That includes the Daymaker, BMW’s purported angel eyes, and those fancy eyebrows that have come by way of Yamaha.

One look at the fully illuminated headlights is all you need to know about what you can expect from the Logolight 1’s capacity to turn heads and shoulders. The Union Jack design is a unique approach, but it’s the flat, v-shaped appearance of the entire setup that really gives it that extra dose of aesthetic shine. For now, the Logolight 1 remains a concept, which means that you shouldn’t expect it to hit the market anytime soon.

But even if it’s just a “prototype”, the Logolight 1 already looks much better than most of the headlight designs we see in motorcycles these days.

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Why it matters

The rapid ascent of technology attached to headlights shows that more and more companies, be it car manufacturers or motorcycle builders, are becoming more aware of the importance of having top-quality headlights on their vehicles.

That said, in the grand scheme of things, Jakuba Designs’ Logolight 1 headlight system doesn’t mean a whole lot yet, that is unless the company finds a way to turn it from its current concept guise into something that can go into production. That’s the only way these headlights will come to matter.

But just because they’re still characterised as concepts, that doesn’t mean we can’t sit and wonder if or when Jakuba Designs will put these concepts to actual good use. I personally would like to see the headlights, even as the company explains it, the current crop of concepts can only be used on Triumph motorcycles. I don’t know what the reason behind that is, but what I do know is that the Logolight 1 headlight system gives the Triumph bikes a fresher and more appealing look. Sorry, Triumph.

Is it possible then that Jakuba Designs can create similar systems or at least Logolight 1 concepts for other motorcycle brands? Maybe Harley-Davidson? BMW? Or if it really wants to get some attention, Ducati, perhaps?

I wish that there was some way for Jakuba Designs to build these headlights in the future. Whatever it’s going to take, I’m all for it, as I’m sure many of you are too.

Source: Jakuba Design

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