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James Bond Now Rides a Triumph!

New film No Time To Die features Tiger 900 and Scrambler 1200 models

James Bond is quintessentially British and, apart from a brief flirtation with BMW in the ’90s, has driven British cars. In the latest film, Bond turns to a motorcycle and, naturally, it’s a Triumph.

James Bond Rides Triumph!

It’s one of the most enduring brand/film partnerships in the history of motion pictures: James Bond and Aston Martin. The secret agent was first linked with the brand in the seventh novel, Goldfinger, in which Bond is supplied with an Aston Martin DB Mk.3 from the office pool.

It was in the film of the same name - the third film to be made - that Bond was shown what was to become the most iconic car in all movie history, the silver DB5, ’with all the usual refinements..’.

James Bond Now Rides a Triumph!
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Bond Rides Triumph!
He takes to a Scrambler 1200 in an attempt to save the world...again!

The DB5 was used in Goldfinger and Thunderball and then left well alone before making its reappearance in Goldeneye, subsequently featuring in Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale, Skyfall and Spectre. It will also play a large role in the next instalment of the franchise, No Time To Die, along with a V8 saloon of 1980s vintage, echoing On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and The Living Daylights.

Up to now, however, motorcycles have only ever really been used by Bond’s enemies; most notably the rocket-firing BSA Lightning in Thunderball and the pair of Yamaha XT500s in For Your Eyes Only. For the first time, Bond chased the baddie on a motorcycle through the streets and over the rooftops in Istanbul in Skyfall.

With the marketing opportunities of being involved in a Bond movie being too good to miss for global brands, it is inevitable that many beat a path to the producers’ door and pay huge sums to be involved. And, this time, it’s the turn of that ultimate British motorcycle, Triumph, to help the ultimate British hero out.

Once again, it is the enemy that uses motorcycles to chase Bond but he also takes to a motorcycle. While the baddies use Triumph Tiger 900 adventure bikes, Bond himself takes to a Scrambler 1200 to perform a pretty cool stunt.

James Bond Now Rides a Triumph!
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He Can Certainly Ride!
Bond rides up the steps to jump over a wall. As with all Bond stunts, it’s an impressive piece of stunt riding

Triumph’s CEO Nick Bloor said: “We are delighted to partner with the latest James Bond film. Triumph Motorcycles is fortunate to have a rich history of featuring in many incredible blockbuster films, so the big screen is no stranger to our brand. ”

James Bond stunt coordinator Lee Morrison added: “Triumph gave us early Tiger 900 prototypes before launch so that we could film in three key locations well before the bike’s official reveal. I have to say that we have literally thrown everything at them. Big craggy sharp rocks, deep boggy mud, high speeds, big jumps and huge climbs and descents across a variety of conditions. The Tigers really have stood up to the task incredibly well, with no mechanical issues.”

At one point in the 1990s, Bond took to BMW cars for his transport but thank goodness he chose Triumph for his motorbikes. 007 on a GS or S1000RR just wouldn’t have been cricket!

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