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Google launched a new initiative for America called the “Grow with Google”, that will allow today’s workforce to access the best of Google’s training and tools to help them grow their skills, careers, and business.

To show the world how it’s done, the Californian tech giant roped in Janus Motorcycles from Goshen, Indiana, a small motorcycle builder that makes around 90 machines a year. Together, they produced a YouTube video that goes on to showcase how the founders collaborated and made use of the internet’s tools to market their machines.

Janus Motorcycles gets Googled Exterior
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Founded in 2011 by Devin Biek and Richard Worsham, Janus Motorcycles make hand-built machines from a small 1,500 square feet shop in northern Indiana. They make small 250cc lightweight motorcycles that bring back American motorbiking’s golden age with the help of local Amish craftsmen.

The video goes on to show how such a small company makes use of digital tools to sell their creations to customers from all age group. Right from learning how to go about a challenge they face while making the motorcycle to all the way up to selling them on their website.

Janus Motorcycles gets Googled Exterior
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You can hear the founders saying “When we were prototyping, and we had questions about how to do something, we started YouTubing it. We figured out a lot of stuff that way.”

And the unique thing about Janus is that they don’t have a dealership. Everything is done on the digital stage. They make use of videos to showcase their craftsmanship and digital ads to drive sales.

These are exactly the kind of tools Google’s platform is all about. Google is also offering training at and is doing events across multiple cities teaching job seekers and self-made people how to make use of its tools to accelerate their growth.

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