Japan rules the roost when it comes to the future of motorcycles and it seems that one particular manufacturer was hit by the idea of a lifetime. A new, electric motorbike prototype from Genesis was unveiled featuring a hybrid magnetic motor. Apparently, the unit can power the motorcycle almost noiselessly up to speeds of 112 mph.

Interesting as well is the riding position. The biker is extremely comfortable accommodated in an armchair-like riding position and even best is that the ingenious design doesn’t ruin the aerodynamic.

Even though you don’t understand anything if you don’t speak Japanese, the idea is clear and simple, don’t you thing?

As expected, they also make scooters.

Source: Youtube

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  (406) posted on 02.22.2010

That is a very comfortable ride as I see it. The good thing about it is that compared to old scooters, they are sometimes very noisy and it can be distracting specially if you are in your school and a scooter would happen to pass by.

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