KTM GNCC riders finished the GNCC season in Crawfordsville, Indiana in cold and slightly muddy conditions.

Juha Salminen, who already clinched the GNCC title in round 9, had a mid-pack start. Salminen rode a 250 XC-F and fought against the bigger bikes. He ran in second but dropped to fourth which he rode all the way to the finish. “I did what you can do with the 250 four-stroke against the bigger bikes and I’m happy with my finish. My riding was good and the bike worked very well,” said Juha after the race.

Robbie Jenks had a missed kick on the line and was last off the start. Jenks made a serious charge and moved fast to the top ten. After a crash he lost time and positions but finished sixth.

1. Nathan Kanney 2:50:26
2. Charles Mullins 2:51:00
3. Barry Hawk 2:51:11
4. Juha Salminen KTM 2:51:27
5. Paul Whibley 2:51:28
6. Robbie Jenks KTM 2:53:14
7. Jimmy Jarret 2:5:31
8. Glen Kearney 2:55:33
9. Shane Watts KTM 2:57:06
10. Jesse Robinson 2:58:25

GNCC Overall Results:
1. Juha Salminen KTM
2. Barry Hawk Jr.
3. Charles Mullins
4. Glenn Kearney
5. Paul Whibley
6. Nathan Kanney
7. Robbie Jenks KTM
8. Jimmy Jarrett
9. Shane Watts KTM
10. Fred Andrews

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