As you all know, the world has heard hundreds of legends about Count Dracula and vampires, but they all have something in common – the Bran Castle in Transylvania. Famous trial rider Julien Dupont went to the Bran Castle not only to see if these legends are true, but also to ride his bike in the castle’s yard.

Even though the legends about Dracula have been circulating for around 500 years, this character remains alive not only for tourists, but also for writers who see it perfect for a new book or a new movie scenario.

Julien has heard numerous legends circulating around the Bran Castle, but only one caught the most of his attention. It seems that not far from the castle there is a cross which turns those who touch it into fearless persons. Just what Julien needed in order to pull out the most amazing tricks.

So Julien Dupont searched the respective cross on the hill near the castle, touched it and the legend turned out to be true – Julien became fearless and went crazy around Bran Castle.

But, a mystery remains…will Julien eventually turn into a vampire or not? Find out the answer by watching the video after the jump.

Julien Dupont si-a dat intalnire cu Dracula la Castelul Bran
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  (158) posted on 10.27.2010

the video is amazing especially with my idol Julien is there..hehe...thanks TopSpeed

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