Kawasaki apparently has learned a thing or two about how to keep folks in suspense and generate buzz and is exercising that skill at the INTERMOT motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany. Factory representatives showed up with a handful of tweaks and improvements to existing models (which I’ll cover in detail soon), but the big news was the new Z900. So far, we have only a couple of pictures and a promise, and I can tell you it looks nothing like the original.

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What Do We Know?

Kawasaki Announces New Bike Then Makes Us Wait To Touch It
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We know it’s going to have a 123-horsepower, 948 cc powerplant that comes tuned for lower vibration and linear power curve with a generous boost once you hit the powerband. We also know that Kawi is holding this new ride close to the vest, and that we won’t see more of it until the Milan show in about a month. More details are available, but with the caveat that the situation is still fluid and there may yet be changes before the showroom version is nailed down. As much fun as speculation can be, I’m going to wait till the EICMA when all will be revealed.

So, if you were wondering how to keep writers/riders in suspense? There’s more than one way, but at least one of them looks a lot like this.

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