Those who missed out on owning a Kawasaki Ninja H2 now have reason to celebrate. On the other hand, those who risked life and limb just to secure a piece of the limited edition supercharged bike are up-in-arms over what they perceive to be having the rug pulled from underneath them. Why the mixed reaction, you ask? Well, Kawasaki just announced that due to the incredible demand for the Ninja H2, it’s opening up new orders for a second wave of models for those who were too late to call dibs on the first set.

This is awesome news in the grand scheme of things. Ever since the Ninja H2 and its track-focused sibling, the H2R, were launched in November 2014, the two machines have been the talk of the motorcycle world. That much became clear when the first set of limited edition H2 bikes sold like snow cones on a warm summer day. The method by which Kawasaki used to score an H2 only added to the bike’s appeal. See, these bikes were never sold in dealerships because, quite frankly, Kawasaki didn’t need to. Instead, it offered the H2 on a first-come, first-served basis, even requiring interested customers to place a deposit for priority delivery on the bike and then making them wait for the spring of 2015 for the bikes to be delivered to them. Clearly, the circumstances surrounding taking ownership of a Ninja H2 were different and the price - $25,000 for the H2 - only adding fuel to its proverbial fire of exclusivity.

But business will always be business and when there’s an opportunity to capitalize on the incredible demand for the Ninja H2, Kawasaki seized without even batting an eyelash. So Kawasaki is opening up orders from a fresh batch of Ninja H2 bikes with deliveries expected to come sometime in June 2015. The company didn’t say how many bikes will be offered this time around, but make no mistake, these models will be scooped up just as quickly as the first batch, maybe even quicker than that.

As for those who feel slighted about supposedly being misinformed about the Ninja H2’s limited edition status, don’t feel too bad. Your bikes are expected to be delivered to you this month. By the time you see them, you probably won’t care about how many of these babies are out in the market, as long as you have one at your disposal.

It’s really a win-win scenario for everybody.

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Why it matters

One of the important things to remember about limited edition motorcycles is that they’re limited for a reason. Whether it’s because of high-priced parts used on the bike or just the sheer advancement in technology that these machines have at their disposal, these babies usually invite a rush of customers determined to scoop up a unit just so they can proudly show it off to their friends.

That said, I’m not really surprised that Kawasaki decided to release a new batch of Ninja H2 models because, quite frankly, the market demanded it to. I get why some owners might feel slighted about this, but the truth is, they really shouldn’t be.

Kawasaki is well within its rights to increase production of the Ninja H2 if it believed that there was sufficient enough demand to justify such a move. Evidently, there is, so the company did what anybody in its position would do. It’s not Kawasaki’s fault that the Ninja H2 turned out to be a smashing sales success so if it can capitalize on the bike’s popularity more than it initially intended to, then by all means, squeeze as much as you can out of the Ninja H2.

On the bright side, those who got first dibs at the Ninja H2 can take comfort knowing that they’ll be the first ones to enjoy the bike when they take deliveries this month. Stop feeling wronged and enjoy this small victory, fellas.

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