Electric vehicles have become the rage these days and as the world continues to evolve into a more sustainable one, automakers and motorcycle manufacturers are all beginning to understand that the future does lie in these electric vehicles. You know things are getting serious when a company like Harley-Davidson is getting in on the electric motorcycle act.

Apparently, so is Kawasaki, or at least that’s what these patents for an electric motorcycle seems to suggest. Looking at the sketches really won’t tell you much about Kawasaki’s plans, although the rear section does show a rising tail. It’s possible that this could be a sportsbike, although I’m not quite sure how Yamaha will build a sportsbike while lugging that rather beefy looking battery pack with it.

But I’m willing to bet that Kawasaki has some plans up its sleeve that none of us are privy to. It used a similar strategy with the Ninja H2 and H2R, playing coy up to the point that it blitzed the business with the radicalness of the two superbikes.

Should we expect the same thing for this supposed electric motorcycle? I can’t tell you that at the moment, but if Kawasaki takes the pulse of the industry, it’s going to know what it has to do to join in on all the electric motorcycle fun.

Hey, if Harley-Davidson did it, why not Kawasaki?

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Why it matters

I know that purists scoffed at Harley-Davidson when it created the Project LiveWire electric motorcycle. Some people may have done the same when Victory Motorcycles decided to trademark the Charger name. Heck, I won’t be surprised if a pocket of the population are skeptical of Kawasaki’s own plans for an electric motorcycle.

It’s human nature to want to stick to tradition. Lord knows I’m guilty of this on some occasions. But doing so at the expense of being left behind by an industry that’s become increasingly proactive in electric motorcycles? That doesn’t sound like a smart business move.

See, the market is shifting towards more eco-friendly modes of transportation. Be it cars motorcycles, customers have become more outspoken about their desire to drive or ride vehicles that can not only save fuel, but also emit less harmful emissions.

Electric motorcycles fall under this category and as more and more bike manufacturers embrace the future of this segment, it’s become incumbent upon Kawasaki to keep up with the ever-shifting times.

These patent drawings may not mean a whole lot by themselves, but rest assured, if they’re signs of things to come for Kawasaki, then you better believe that the company’s got something stirring somewhere.

Source: USPTO

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