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Drawing inspiration from the brand’s rich heritage, manufacturers are spinning motorcycles that exuberate the classic appeal and character that goes on to showcase their point of arrival into the world of two wheels. With almost every brand entering the neo-classic craze, Kawasaki also brought one of its own classics back, the Z900RS. Although it has the W800, the Z900RS will depict a much more modern take with thoroughly done modish mechanical features, fit and finish.

OBIBOI, our favorite Italian artist has reasons to believe that the Japanese Green Team have another model back in their head that might see the light sometime in the near future. To be called the Z900 RSR Endurance, Oberdan Bezzi sketched a ‘70s replica of the brand’s Endurance feats taking cues from the KR250/500 and the present Z900RS Café.

 Kawasaki could have an Endurance model in the Z900RS class Exterior
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’70s Kawasaki KR250

Kawasaki had already brought back the ethos of the famed Z1 of 1972, a bike that defined the term “Superbike” back in the ’70s, last year with the Z900RS retro motorcycle. Then, the same guys have gone ahead and given it a headlamp cowl and dropped bars to get it running on the cafe-racer beeline.

It’s underpinned by the same mechanicals as the standard RS but gets the obvious headlamp cowl, scalloped lower seat that is ribbed and lowered bars to give it a sportier progress and feel. Bezzi has gone a few steps ahead with his Z900 RSR Endurance concept and made it a real racer of sorts.

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With basic forms only dictated by the function, the RSR sports a monocoque bodywork that has been injected molded to form the tank, saddle and the rear cowl. The large front fairing and the tail section has been aerodynamically designed to replicate the fashions of the ‘70s era.

You cannot miss that beautiful looking lairy green and white paintjob, a reminiscent of the KR250/500 of the late ’70s. It complements the blacked out frame, forks, footpegs wheels and engine to give out a bold appearance. Unfortunately, the RSR still comes with cast wheels shaped flat to give the impression of classic wire-spoked wheels.

 Kawasaki could have an Endurance model in the Z900RS class Exterior
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Like the RS Cafe, the Endurance carries a state-of-the-art 948cc hauled from the existing Z900 naked streetfighter and is re-mapped to give the former lower peak power that will help it accelerate better under 7000 rpm. But when it comes to numbers, the RSR will have its engine tweaked to produce 130+ hp and the peak torque above 80 lb-ft.

Borrowed from the Z900 is the assist-and-slipper clutch making changing gears a breeze. Rider aids include a switchable two-level traction control system that will prevent you from playing God with those Dunlop GPR-300 tires.

Let’s all hold hands and pray to the almighty that this comes true. Kawasaki, are you reading this?


Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

Kawasaki gives the Z900RS a café racer treatment Exterior
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