Kawasaki stands for green, just like Yamaha does for blue, Honda for red and Suzuki mostly for yellow, but that isn’t enough for Mother Nature and the stricter CO2 emission norms in Europe are showing Kawasaki the way to green engines as well. So Kawasaki developed what they like to call their ‘ECO2Logic’ technology and which is destined to those less than 100bhp bikes. Supposedly, the fuel-injection and exhaust systems will be tricked out in order to minimize emissions. The 2009 Kawasaki Z750 is the first bike in Kawasaki Europe’s lineup to turn greener.

The new technology blends perfectly in with the Kawasaki brand and if it turns out to be as effective as Kawasaki people expect, bigger and more powerful models will be fitted with it. Will the Z1000 be the leading figure then? We shall wait and see.


Source: fasterandfaster

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