A week ago we announced the launch of Yamaha’s dirt and trail bikes, something that apparently determined Kawasaki to step up and offer the best it can, under the name of KX.

Pilots can now start training for the two most important classes in the AMA Championships and it is terrible important for them to do so as the bikes are completely revised and will perform with even more brilliancy out where it all depends on speed, balance, weight and sharpness.

We also mentioned about a few Yamaha models the fact that they have pretty much no competition as the other 2009’s weren’t on the scene yet so we would have to take that back.

Purely designed for racing, the KX450F and KX250F make the most important entry after their launch a few years back and we must take them in consideration and give them the credit they need. Reshaped, restyled and reengineered, these two will be on the scene for a long time, and it is always good to start with the right foot even with each revision, not necessarily brand new introductions.

Kawasaki introduces the 2009 KX450F and KX250F motocrossers
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2009 Kawasaki KX250F

Source: Kawasaki

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