Kawasaki has announced a new special edition iteration of the Ninja 400 exclusive only to Japan, called the Ninja 400 Limited Edition.

The new limited edition version doesn’t stray too far away from the standard Ninja 400 sportsbike. In fact, it’s basically the same thing except for the the black and gold colors adorning the limited edition version. It’s a small change, but you have to admit that the new color scheme brings out a whole new level of sportiness and aggression to the overall look of the Ninja 400.

The black color does the majority of the work in giving the bike that stealthy appearance we secretly want in all of our bikes. Carbon-effect decals on the fairing and tank add a splash of luxury that blends well with the sinister look of the Ninja. The same can be said for the gold pinstripes that run on various angles on the fairing, matched with the golden wheels, brakes, and rear shock mount.

The overall look of Kawasaki’s latest limited edition bike fits perfectly with the Ninja name. The fact that only 300 units feels like a lot of interested buyers will be left out, not to mention interested buyers from the US and Europe.

Those people aren’t even going to get a sniff of the bike.

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Why it matters

I have mixed feelings about Kawasaki’s newest limited edition iteration of the Ninja 400.

On the one hand, the bike looks absolutely spectacular. I’m even more mesmerized about it because it uses the two colors associated with my favorite sports team (Here’s a hint: Who Dat!)

You can imagine how I reacted when I first saw photos of the bike. Kawasaki perfectly chose the two colors that would imbibe an aura of menace to the Ninja 400 without losing too much of its sporty and aggressive character.

That’s the best part about the Ninja 400 Limited Edition, although you probably sense by now that there’s a “but” coming.

But - there it is! - I’m having a tough time coming to grips with the fact that this Ninja 400 Limited Edition is being sold in Japan and nowhere else in the world.

Granted, we don’t get the 400 iteration of the model here, but couldn’t Kawasaki at least offer these colors as an optional feature for the Ninja models that are being sold in the US, or in Europe for that matter? That’s not too much to ask, right?

I’m not being unreasonable with this request, am I? Hopefully, Kawasaki realizes that limited editions don’t have to be limited to market exclusives. US customers want in on the fun too!

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