• Keanu Reeves goes motorcycle surfing for a Super Bowl Ad

  • Arch KGT-1 and Arch 1S

Squarespace teams up with Arch Motorcycles for a multi-ad campaign

Squarespace, in its 14 years of existence, has become one of the biggest website manufacturing platform today. Most of its success, of course, goes to their quirky and easy templates, but their sensational marketing and weird advertising campaigns which previously included high-profile actors like Jeff Bridges and John Malkovich gave them the millions of users using its services today.

In their new adventure, Squarespace ran a 30-second commercial worth a whopping $5 million during the recently concluded high-profile Superbowl championship with one of its high-profile customer, Keanu Reeves, and his Arch Motorcycles.

Keanu Reeves goes motorcycle surfing for a Super Bowl Ad
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The multi-part campaign has Reeves perform gravity-defying stunts, catching his hand on fire, surfboarding on his $80K Arch KRGT-1 that eventually takes off into a flight, and one where he talks to his own reflections running inside his head. All of these ads culminate into his motorcycle company creating a Squarespace website.

Just like his Matrix and John Wick lives, Keanu seems to be at home performing all the stunts by himself rather than opting for a stunt double, or superimpose faces via a software. Although these quirky and faux-existential ads are all about one creating a Squarespace website, the Arch bikes get a fair share of screen time for people to get talking about them.

Keanu Reeves goes motorcycle surfing for a Super Bowl Ad
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Check out these beautifully produced videos right here. Well directed, well shot and definitely tickles your brains. And anytime a motorcycle gets to be on the Superbowl Ads is enough public attention for it to go famous and let people dive more into the world of two wheels.

With what started out as a custom weekend project for Hollywood’s Keanu Reeves, Arch Motorcycles has come a long way ever since it set up shop back in 2007. Joined by a self-taught engineer Gard Hollinger, the company started making production models soon and has to date produced three models.

Their first ever model, the KRGT-1 is in its 2018 edition. It will run on a Euro IV compliant motor of the same 2032cc S&S twin-cam V-twin that cranks out a generous 121.7 pound-feet of torque, backed up by 122 horsepower. The second motorcycle is called as the ’Arch 1S’ which is an even more athletic version of the KRGT-1. It will sport a single-sided swingarm, as well as a more aggressive rider position.

Keanu Reeves goes motorcycle surfing for a Super Bowl Ad Exterior
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Arch KGT-1 and Arch 1S

The third model is the Arch Method 143 concept unveiled at the 2017 EICMA. The unique layering design concept and elegant craftsmanship of the bodywork include carbon fiber MonoCell frame, fine leather, carbon fiber and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum.

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