• Koenigsegg CCR inspires Justin Togail to create ASUKA 02 Prototype Motorcycle

    Justin Togail's ASUKA 02 Prototype Motorcycle

The Swedish super sports car, Koenigsegg CCR, has inspired designer Justin Togail into creating what appears to be the best candidate for the next Batmobile, the ASUKA 02 Prototype Motorcycle.

The style in which it opens up to unveil the engine parts and components is what the author mentions to have liked at the Koenigsegg, but while the four-wheeler is know to burn a lot of gas, this vehicle is supposed to be powerful, economic and green.

Actually, the engine and exhaust systems are designed to save as much as 90% of heat waste and transform it back into energy. Although our anticipative and innovative designer doesn’t mention how that’s even possible, we have to give him credit for the month of work that the engine and chassis only required.


Source: thenewcaferacersociety

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