Together with the debut of the Superstock KTM RC8 in Spain, the Austrian House took the time and announced their plans for the future. They include a SBK entering and this sure ringed a bell to us.

In a press conference, R & D department man Philip Habsburg explained the great attention offered to the Superstock racing sector and their ambition to arrive in SBK in the near future, most likely in 2010.

Let’s see what it has to say:

"This was our first weekend at Superstock and our target in this first year is to learn as much as possible of the Superbike and STK. And because we want to learn to place team in the R & D department of the company unlike our programs 125 and 250GP, which are positioned in racing.

We want to learn for the future of KTM products. Also, there is a close link with the production in RC8 and not by chance Wolfgang Felber is here too, because he is the head of the team in KTM RC8, but is also the head of series production, as well as the team that runs in Superstock. We want to merge as much as possible our racing program with the production. "

The KTM boss at this point has confirmed the interest of the entry in the World Superbike Championship, but to see it RC8 shown will be introduced in the 2010 season:

"We have our plans in the long term, but We also like the idea to start with a small team and be a little patient and focused on the moment. Certainly we want to be in Superstock in 2008 and 2009. Then we will see what we will be competitive with our motorcycle in the future, and only then understand what will be the best time of the great decision to launch in SBK.

But when our management there is still no decision in this regard, but we are certainly thinking for 2010. This is what we can say today. " 

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