It doesn’t matter who you are or what your status is in the motorcycle hierarchy, if there’s a problem with one of your models, it’s going to need to get fixed. That’s the position KTM has found itself in. Apparently, a handful of its 2014-2015 690 Series bikes have issues with their rear brake assembly, which is why the Austrian motorcycle brand announced a worldwide recall of these models, effective immediately.

The affected models belong to KTM’s 690 Enduro R and SMC R models and according to the manufacturer, issues with rear brake assembly and the brake rotors could lead to a loss of braking power for the rear system. That’s not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination. It’s the kind of issue that could have catastrophic consequences should it happen to a rider anywhere.

Turns out, a routine testing in the ongoing production of the models revealed that the bike’s rear ABS brake line has the potential of getting damaged by a spring band clamps found on the engine ventilation tube. Should this happen the bike’s entire brake line could become compromised, potentially leading to a complete loss of brake press in the rear assembly. Once that happens, well, you know where this is going.

If that’s not enough, KTM also discovered that some 2014-2015 690 SMC R models were assembled with a shorter spacer for the front wheel. Such a setup poses another safety risk because a certain number of parts, including the rotor, fork, and ABS sensor, could compromise the bike’s front wheel, leading to a complete malfunction of the front ABS system.

Obviously, these are serious issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. For its part, KTM is already scheduling free repairs at any of its authorized dealers. Customers with affected units will also be notified by the company directly.

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Why it matters

I really don’t want to sound like a broken record but anytime recalls happen, I feel like its my civic responsibility to put a spotlight on the issue. I don’t care what anybody else says; safety is and will always be the most important part of riding motorcycles.

That said, it’s one thing to be reckless with a bike; it’s another thing to ride a bike that inherently has a problem without you knowing about it. Recalls usually fall on the latter category and this particular issue surrounding KTM’s lineup of 690 Series models, or LC4 if that’s what you prefer calling them, is really problematic.

I know from experience that you don’t mess with brakes. If there’s an issue with a bike’s brakes, no matter how infinitesimal it may be, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. That’s what KTM is facing now and to its credit, it’s not wasting any time letting the world know about it.

So if you own an affected model, you need to make sure that your bike is on the up-and-up before you even begin to consider riding it. Wait for KTM to send the notice and then bring your bikes to an authorized dealer where they’ll fix the issue at no cost.

Better be safe than sorry, right?

Source: KTM

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