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KTM RC 8C Sold Out in 5 Minutes

Who knew KTM race superbike would sell so fast... EVERYONE!

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Last week, we gave you news of the new track-only KTM RC 8C limited-edition bike that was due to go on sale. With only 100 examples of the Moto2-inspired machine on offer, it was likely that you would have to be quick off the mark to get your hands on one. We didn’t realise how quick you would have to be, however.

You’re Too Late!

KTM RC 8C Sold Out in 5 Minutes
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It might have just arrived, But it’s gone already!

Last week we told you about the limited-edition KTM RC 8C track-only bike that the Austrian manufacturer was offering to those with deep-enough pockets.

If you read that thinking, ‘hey, that sounds like the bike for me,’ then you might have to dial your expectations back a little as it seems that the entire production run sold out within five minutes of it being announced. In case you are ignorant of the details, you can find them here

Less Than Five Minutes To Sell Out

In fact, it took only 4 minutes and 32 seconds for all 100 examples to be snapped up. I can’t even type in the web address that quickly, let alone gain access, fill in the form, find my credit card in my wallet and type in the number.

KTM RC 8C Sold Out in 5 Minutes
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That is all it took to sell out the entire 100 inventory.

As for writing the story to appear on this website, well, forget it. It’s rather chastening to realise that before I had even finished writing, let alone uploading it to topspeed.com, they had all sold out. At least I wasn’t alone; every journalist in the whole world faced the same prospect. Doesn’t make the pain any easier to bear!

If you got there after five minutes had passed, you would have not only missed out on the chance to buy one of the bikes, but also the chance to be one of 25 customers who will receive track day tuition from Mika Kallio and Dani Pedrosa at Jerez, Spain, in October. You might recognise their names.

All we can do is suggest you practice your computer skills in readiness for the next time!

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