Watch KTM MTC, ABS, MSC and launch control working behind the scenes

A rider is not born but is made. There is absolutely no harm in accepting that you are not the best rider and that there is always a better rider out there. But, that does not mean you don’t try to improve on it. The more you ride, the more opportunity you will find to try and match synergies with your motorcycle.

The same also applies to motorcycles. There is always a better one out there. So manufacturers and engineers come up with new technologies and innovation that make that same motorcycle perform better and safer than before. And KTM is one of those who is world renowned for giving us bikes that loves walking on the edge of performance and handling.

Helping them do that is not just their mad mechanicals, but some really smart electronic wizardry. They tap into multiple parameters to give the rider the optimum control of their bikes without losing the joy of riding.

KTM's life saving electronics deciphered
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Yes, there are many still out there who believe that these electronic interventions are the reasons why riders these days don’t get to access their full potential. Also taking away the fun of riding a motorcycle back in the days of just pure power and nothing else. It is more like a double-edged sword, to be honest. But the fact that they provide immense amounts of safety is one reason they cannot be ignored.

Here is KTM showcasing their cutting-edge tech doing their bit to keep you safe on the go. First, it is the KTM Motorcycle Traction Control (KTM MTC) system taking care of those wheel spins.

KTM Motorcycle Traction Control (KTM MTC)

KTM's life saving electronics deciphered
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KTM's life saving electronics deciphered
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The principle is simple here. The aim is to match the rotating speed of both the wheels to give the rider maximum traction at all times. More often than not, during heavy acceleration situations, the rear wheel tends to spin as the power to that wheel is more than the grip available for the rubber to stick to the ground.

With KTM MTC, the system takes inputs from engine speed, throttle and gear position to calculate the maximum admissible torque to the rear without any traction issues. The system also intervenes in corners and provides the optimum rider stability to tackle it by calculating the lean angle, pitch axis, and accelerometers.

The video goes on to show us the difference between motorcycles not having traction control and a one equipped with the KTM MTC.

KTM Cornering Anti-lock Braking System (KTM Cornering ABS)

KTM's life saving electronics deciphered Exterior
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KTM's life saving electronics deciphered Exterior
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KTM's life saving electronics deciphered Exterior
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KTM's life saving electronics deciphered Exterior
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An anti-lock braking system or anti-skid braking system (ABS) is a safety system that allows the wheels on a motorcycle to maintain tractive contact with the road surface and preventing the wheels from locking up (ceasing rotation) that results in avoiding uncontrolled skidding.

With KTM ABS, the rider is sure to stop with a much-controlled state, but can also maintain the right direction of travel with cornering-ABS. The Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) module takes in inputs from the lean angle, pitch axis, roll rate, accelerometers and much more at the rate of one hundred times a second to give the rider the best braking performance at any riding situations without having him change directions.

The video takes three different scenarios to show the handling of motorcycles with and without ABS in place. Cornering-ABS comes on select KTM models.

KTM Launch Control

KTM's life saving electronics deciphered Exterior
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Although this is not necessarily a safety feature, the system will work alongside KTM MTC traction module to give you the perfect start to get to the front of the pack at the very beginning. Track or at a signal run.

Maximum power is sent to the rear wheel with a perfect balance between clutch and throttle to keep the bike planted to the ground and also give optimum traction. This allows the rider to concentrate on his next move rather than having him to under or overcompensate the power delivery.

Always wear a helmet and proper riding gear. Conduct necessary mechanical checks and service your ride regularly. Taking care of all this is taking care of yourself. Have fun riding.

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