KTM takes the opportunity and presents at the EICMA motorcycle saloon in Milano their latest street bike, the Venom. Previously unveiled as a concept, the future addition to the Austrian builder’s lineup is a threat for all street fighters out there.

Its secret is to offer a new kind of riding excitement, similar to the one of a super sport bike while retaining the sexy half-faired look. This shows two ways to the Venom, the track or the streets, and the bike can indeed be a great performer in both of these environments due to the top notch chassis.

Some already tend to call it a stripped down RC8, but the bike is much more. How much? Enough to be put up against the Aprilia Tuono 1000 and stand a good chance to win thanks to the super sport velleities.

The Austrians have two possibilities for the engine: the prototype, from which the street version derives, a 1.149 cc V75 developing an impressive 150 horsepower or a more likely scenario, the 155 horsepower V2 from the RC8. In this last case, KTM engineers will work their magic and retune the engine for more mid-range power, more adequate for this kind of ride.

KTM Venom heads into production
- image 261559

KTM Venom heads into production
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KTM Venom heads into production
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