KTM Off-Road Riders, Kurt Caselli, David Pearson, Robbie Jenks and Matt Gosnell clinched the Glen Helen 6 Hours, 12 Hours and Overall Endurance Championship Title and placed second at the 24 Hours race.

David Pearson, a consistent figure in the Glen Helen Endurance Championship series, lead the KTM 24 Hour Team and grabbed a solid lead early on. 

For 22 hours, riders battled on the famed Glen Helen track and the specially designed off-road course in great conditions; overcast and a slight rainfall that kept the dust down.

The KTM 525 EXC ran great under the harsh conditions and only required scheduled tire changes. Less than two hours from crossing the finish line, the team faced a technical issue that dropped them 10 minutes behind the leader. Once back out on the course, KTM was able to gain some time and finished second.

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