• Ktrak Rear-Drive Kit and Ski kit

    Ktrak Rear-Drive Kit and Ski kit

Ktrak Cycle Corp. launched at the Interbike International Bike Expo in Las Vegas an innovative Ktrak Rear-Drive Kit and optional Ski kit.

The unveilling made quite some buzz as the Ktrak system is a natural step in the evolution of the mountain bike - transforming bike into the ultimate all-terrain machine.

The Ktrak Rear-Drive Kit is a universal attachment that replaces the rear wheel with a track drive system. It is designed to create traction on previously "unridable" surfaces, such as snow and sand. The sleek design effortlessly blends aesthetically and functionally with virtually all bikes. To further improve the Ktrak experience in snow, an optional Front Ski Kit is also available.

Now, just imagine this Ktrak kit on a motorcycle. Obviously, not all motorcycles would be good candidates for a rear track and front ski but some bikes, maybe a dirt bike.

Sounds like FUN :)

The Ktrak is scheduled for retail release worldwide January 2007.

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