Ducati’s quest to become a bigger presence in the Indian market got off to a rousing start when the company officially announced the opening of the Ducati Store in New Delhi, India, considered as the largest Ducati Store in the world.

The 29,000-square feet floor area of the massive five-story facility is a sight to behold, proving with no shred of doubt about Ducati’s plan to conquer one of the world’s biggest motorcycle markets after its initial foray in the country with local importer Precision Motors skidded off the rails.

The mega store in New Delhi may be the biggest stamp of Ducati’s intentions in India, but it’s far from the only one, either. According to Ducati India Pvt. Ltd Managing Director Ravi Avalur, the company also plans to open new dealerships in Pune, Hyderabad, and one in Bangalore on October 2015 to add that existing ones already operational in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. There have also been a lot of discussions centered on the company’s plan for improving its dealership network in the country, something the company anticipates will sync all of the dealerships in the country into one well-oiled machine.

The massive dealership in New Delhi may be the most emphatic indication of this commitment, but rest assured, Ducati’s got bigger plans for the Indian market. It’s proven as much since it entered the market. Now, it’s all about waiting to see what it does next.

An India-exclusive model, perhaps? Don’t sleep on that happening, now or in the near future.

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Why it matters

Ducati has made no secret about its plan to become a major player in the Indian motorcycle market since the Italian brand returned to the country in March 2015. The company has since made incredible gains, opening up numerous dealerships and establishing new dealership networks to increase its exposure to vast number of Indian motorcycle customers.

Speaking of those same customers, Ducati hasn’t been shy in offering its model lineup in the country, none more important, than the Scrambler. The arrival of the Scrambler Icon in India was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from customers, further entrenching the company into the good graces of its new market.

Ducati’s also now pushing the arrival of the Scrambler Classic and Full Throttle models, confident that the two new trims will be equally well-received by the market. In addition to the Scrambler, Ducati’s also offering the Diavel, Hypermotard, Hyperstrada and the Monster series in India.

Needless to say, Ducati’s hitting all the right spots with its strategy to infiltrate the Indian market. You might even say that the opening of its new dealership in New Delhi, the largest Ducati dealership in the world, is the coup de grace of Ducati’s return to India. That would be accurate except that it doesn’t appear that the company is slowing down its efforts to plant its flag in as many locations in the country as possible.

Two new dealerships, one in Pune and the other in Hyderabad, are already scheduled to open soon. The company’s also still working on improving its dealership network and most importantly, there have also been discussions in bringing more models to the country.

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding Ducati’s return to India. With the way things are going, I can’t blame the company and the residents of the country for being excited about what lies ahead. So far, though, Ducati’s pushing all the right buttons. Let’s hope it can continue doing that and not revert to the hot mess that plagued its first venture into the country.

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