Riders Victor Carlos Testoni and Rudolfo Garcia Varlea along with passenger Catia Regina Granelli Alves took a journey across the Americas aboard two Buell Ulysses motorcycles this past year. The journey started on Sept. 19, 2006, at the U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C. From there, they traveled to Chicago and picked up legendary Route 66 which they rode across North America to Los Angeles.

The second phase of their journey was to cross Mexico and Central America including: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The motorcycles were then transported by boat from Panama to Columbia. The third phase of their journey through South America ended in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina on Dec. 9, 2006. The entire trip covered 13,101 miles.

"Lassoing the Americas" got its name from the ties that the riders wanted to create to all things and among all people while riding their "motorized horses." They chose to make the journey on motorcycles because it is the best way to remain close to the land, air and water and "feel the nature of the Americas."

For more information about their journey, including a complete map route, visit their Web site at: http://enlazandoamerica.com.ar/ing/proyecto.htm

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