Latest Tron Legacy trailer reveals more two-wheel action

The latest trailer for the upcoming Tron Legacy movie has just been released and it reveals more two-wheel action than we ever hoped for.

Apart from the digital Lightcycles defying the laws of physics inside a computer-generated world, the movie also shows Sam (Garrett Hedlund) riding a Ducati Sportclassic right before leaving the real world and entering the one designed by his father Kevin (Jeff Bridges, who recently received an Oscar award for his role in Crazy Heart).

This is where the Lightcycles – which were first introduced in the 1982 movie – intervene in a father-son attempt to escape from the world where Bridges has been trapped for 25 years

Tron Legacy, which will be released on December 17 and also be available in 3D, announces to be an award winner for special effects and as long as the bikes are involved too, we dig it. Just take a look at the teaser trailer to see for yourself.

Source: MCN

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  (89) posted on 03.15.2010

I have great memories of this movie and the arcade game as a child. This looks cool.

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