• Lehman trike powered by Victory

    Lehman's Suzuki Trike Conversion
  • Lehman's Suzuki Trike Conversion

Lehman Trikes USA, Inc. proudly announces the launch ceremony of a new three-wheeled motorcycle (trike). The official event unveiling the new trike is scheduled for March 24, 2007 at the Mineral Palace Hotel and Casino in Deadwood, South Dakota. The event will coincide with "Lehman Trikes Day" designated by the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce. Numerous guests and dignitaries will be attending the greatly anticipated introduction of the new trike and the trade name presentation.

The new trike is powered by the Victory Kingpin motorcycle which possesses Victory’s own 100-cubic inch Freedom(TM) V-twin engine and a true 6-speed overdrive transmission. The trike is the result of collaboration between Lehman Trikes USA, Inc. and Victory Motorcycles. Daniel W. Patterson, President of Lehman Trikes USA, commented that the new product is "a blend of advanced styling and tremendous power that will appeal to a wide spectrum of the riding public. When we announce the trade name, everyone will understand why we selected Deadwood for our official unveiling."

Lehman Trikes, Inc. has a 20-year history as a world leader in the manufacture of turnkey trikes, conversion kits and accessories. Lehman is known as the "Leader of the Three World."

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