Here are the first photos of the all-new Lightning LS-218. The new model is currently the fastest production electric motorcycle from the streets and was revealed at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in California.

Talking about their new creation, Richard Hatfield, Lightning’s CEO, stated: “Since 2006 the Lightning team has been dedicated to developing electric motorcycles that meet and exceed the performance of the best induction combustion engine alternatives. It is time for Lightning to take this race-proven technology to market and pursue our win in the market place. ‘This preview was to give the public an early view of LS-218 and its capabilities.”

Weighting only 495 lbs and equipped with the latest electric technologies in the business the new LS-218 is powered by a IPM liquid cooled 150kw+ 10,500 rpm electric motor that generates an equivalent of 200 hp and 168 ft/lbs of torque.

As far as batteries are concerned, the Lightning LS-218 is offered with a choice of three options including a 380V 12kwh, 380V 15kwh and 380V 20kwh units which offer a riding range of 100-180 miles per charge, depending on the model. The company claims that the batteries can charge in only an hour on a specialized charging point.

In terms of prices, the Lightning LS-218 is offered with a base price tag of $38,888.


Lightning LS-218 electric bike breaks cover High Resolution Exterior
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Photos source: Asphalt and Rubber

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