• Livewire Wants to Sell 100,000 motorcycles a year by 2026

But they only sold 387 in 2021!

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Newly-independent electric motorcycle brand Livewire says its plans include selling 100,000 units by 2026, despite only selling 387 in 2021. Where is this huge hike going to come from?

Livewire Predicts Huge Sales Increase in next four years

Livewire Wants to Sell 100,000 motorcycles a year by 2026
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Livewire Predicts huge Sales Increase
Despite selling only 387 units in 2021, Livewire is predicting sales of 100,000 by 2026.

We’re not sure what they’re smoking at Livewire, the newly-independent electric motorcycle manufacturer that was born a Harley Davidson and which is now its own brand.

Despite admitting that sales have been slow, which is a euphemism for ’pretty much non-existent’, recent activity suggests that Livewire (or Harley Davidson management, rather) knows something we don’t.

Firstly, there was the floatation on the stock market, which liberated around $500 million of capital. You don’t get that sort of buy-in if the future isn’t looking solid.

Livewire Wants to Sell 100,000 motorcycles a year by 2026
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In addition to becoming independent from Harley Davidson, Livewire announced a technical partnership with taiwanese manufacturer Kymco

Secondly, there’s the technical and engineering partnership with Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer Kymco which will result in a cross-pollination of ideas and expertise.

So, Livewire is optimistic. How optimistic has only now come to light. Despite selling a mere 387 motorcycles in 2021, the company is forecasting sales of 100,000 by 2026. That’s an increase of about a million percent in four short years. Are they being serious?

Yes, is the answer. With more models set to come on stream in the next year on the new Arrow modular platform, including a smaller, scrambler-type model in what could be called the Del Mar and other new models either side in terms of size, not to mention an increasing demand for electric motorcycles as the shift from fossil fuels to electricity gains momentum, maybe Livewire knows what it is talking about?

Livewire Wants to Sell 100,000 motorcycles a year by 2026
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Livewire Del Mar
Projected second model based on new modular Arrow platform will be first of a whole range in the coming years

Up to 2024, the outlook is quite modest, the company projecting sales of 15,736 (why so precise? Why not just say 15,000?). By 2025, they want to be selling 50,000, leading to more than 100,000 by 2026. Harley Davidson sold 200,000 motorcycles in 2021 and it is not clear if some of those Livewire sales would be at the expense of Harley’s traditional product. But clearly Harley is expecting Livewire to be providing a large chunk of revenue by 2026.

Livewire Wants to Sell 100,000 motorcycles a year by 2026
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So, yes, the predictions might seem a trifle ambitious, but maybe there is method in Harley’s madness? Being first of the major Western motorcycle manufacturers to market with a production electric bike might have seemed premature, especially from the point of view of making money, but that early move could see Livewire in a very strong position as the market inevitably shifts as Doomsday for petrol looms ever closer.

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