• Loading a Royal Enfield onto a bus, carrying it on the head!

A 427 lbs bike on the head, and climbing a ladder

Thinking of it makes me stretch my neck. An average human being will struggle to lift 100 lbs over his head. But folks in India are used to lifting heavy pots filled with water over their head for centuries. Even today, you will find vendors selling fruits, toys and all kinds of stuff from a basket over their head.

Balancing anything on your head is no easy task. When you make that thing a motorcycle, and you scale a ladder as you do it, you enter the realms of the superhuman.

Loading a Royal Enfield onto a bus, carrying it on the head!
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This unbelievable footage shows an Indian man do exactly that. The brand new Royal Enfield is being loaded onto a bus somewhere in India to transport it to another place. Let me remind you, it weighs in at a hefty 425 lbs.

There isn’t any pulley or fork-lift system in place there since it is more expensive. Instead, they use cheap labor for such tasks. The man carries the bike on his head and then has to climb the ladder and help load it onto the top deck of the bus.

Loading a Royal Enfield onto a bus, carrying it on the head!
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The incredible display of strength and balance has to be seen to be believed, with four men needed just to lift the bike and position it on the man’s head, after which he steadily makes his way up the rungs of the ladder.

A quick brain surge: The record for an overhead lift stands at 580 lbs.

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