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Local Motors is a relatively new company specialized on automotive design and technology and its purpose is to create unique and innovative vehicles. A while ago, the company amazed the automotive media with its capableRally Fighter, a sporty off road vehicle powered by a 6.2-liter V-8 that goes head to head with models like the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

Luckily the company didn’t stop there and its newest project is a custom motorcycle named the Racer.

The new custom bike has a pretty interesting story. To start this project Local Motors organized the Custom Motorcycle Design Challenge with Justin and Jarrod Del Prado of Arizona-based DP Custom Cycles.

The challenge was to invite a wide range of designers to come up with their version of a customized 2000-2003 Harley Davidson Sportster.

More than 2,400 files were submitted for evaluation and the winner was the DP Racer designed by Andre Costa of Portugal.

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After selecting the winner, the guys from DP Custom Cycles have immediately started to bring the concept to life. Before starting to work on the concept, DP Custom Cycles co-owner Justin Del Prado declared that he especially liked the clean design created by Andre Costa: “Beautiful design, clean, classic lines, and the truly amazing air intake that Jarrod and I really wish we’d thought of. We can’t wait to bring this bike to life.”

Talking about its concept, Andre Costa said “I really wanted to create something simple, something iconic, with a strong racing personality. I’m a huge Formula One fan, and this design celebrates the Brabham BT44 Formula One racing car of the 1970s. The handlebars are lower, to make the gas tank really pop, and the air filter is tall and thin in honor of the styling of the roof scoop. These are just two of my favorite design elements.”

Local Motors Racer High Resolution Exterior
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racer local motors06

Justin and Jarrod Del Prado have started to work their magic by literally breaking a stock Harley Davidson Sportster into pieces. Most of the original parts were either ditched or simplified to make the bike look cleaner.

Unfortunately the bike didn’t receive any boost of power, so except of a few restored items, a custom straight pipe exhaust and a cleaned radiator most of the modifications aimed the style and design department.

Justin and Jarrod Del Prado have spent a lot of time to transform the stock Sportster from a Softail to a Hard tail and to do that they’ve needed to modify the entire frame. Once it was finished, the frame received a tasty white coating and was ready to host the rest of the components.

Local Motors Racer Exterior
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racer local motors12

The rear fender and the fuel tank were both custom made and have also received a white coating. To break the monotony of the white paint, the fuel tank and rear fender are traversed by two parallel stripes drawn using the same red and blue colors that are considered iconic for the Brabham BT44 Formula One racing car of the 1970s.

The same colored stripes can be also found on the custom seat and the wheels and play a major role in giving the motorcycle a unique and classy appearance. Talking about the wheels, the front one comes with aluminum black covers that give the entire motorcycle a boost of personality.

Justin and Jarrod Del Prado have put a lot of attention if every detail and it shows. The finished product looks amazing and it even managed to win the "The Best in Class" Award at the at the Wild Rides & Classic Car Showdown in Pebble Beach.

The Racer can be produced in the livery of your choosing - any color - and graphic accents. For more details you can contact the company at sales@local-motors.com, or visit localmotorsracer.com.


Local Motors Racer Exterior
- image 520854
racer local motors11
  • 73.3 cubic inch air cooled Evolution engine
  • One-of-a-kind vintage Formula 1 racing inspired ram air-intake
  • Custom straight pipe exhaust
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Solid Rear Wheel
  • Aluminum Front Wheel Covers
  • Custom hard tail frame conversion
  • Gloss white paint with satin black accents
  • Single-fire ignition


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