• Loris Capirossi: “Just my bad luck”

    Loris Capirossi

Definitely the past days haven’t been easy for Loris Capirossi as the Grand Prix of China had reserved for him only a ninth position at length with the large group composed of Hayden, Melandri, Dovizioso and Lorenzo.

Even worst, during the fifth round Loris was the author of a small mistake which send it right on the twelfth place and had shown Borgo Rivola the way to a splendid comeback by turning on the same facts reported by the time World Champion in office, Casey Stoner.

Only a few miles before the finish line, a problem to the transmission had determined a lost of other two precious positions, making Loris Capirossi admit: "Hard to positively consider this match saw what happened".

"But I am confident for future engagements, because we are really improved much and had it not been for my mistake after a few laps, we could bring home some points more. After the release of track, I began to run on good times, rimontando position after position, but then there is also putting the misfortune. Due to a technical problem when missing a single lap at the end of the race, I lost two other positions. We must now concentrate on the next appointment, that of Le Mans. We certainly competitive. I look forward to again descend on the track. "

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