Luma is a company which specializes in people’s safety in motion and as a result of that it introduces their brand new 2008 block disc collection with audio alarm.

There are two models available, the Enduro 912 and 914 and in addition to the design and comfort features it brings up to 100 Decibels, feature which makes it able to partially or completely replace traditional alarms.

What is so cool about this ingenious system is that it works deliberately and independently so that the rider is able to set up the traditional mode alarm or have it block the discs when activated. Simplicity is also a feature of it as it can switch from one mode to another by simply pressing a button located on the side of the lock and the deactivation mode alarm takes place only when opening the lock with the key.

Every model comes with a different diameter closure, 10mm for the 912 model and 5mm for the 914 and customers can choose from two color versions, gold and silver.

Technical features also include the lock with reversible key, protection of the lock by opening with an automatic lid and a nylon transport bag.

Luma Enduro alarm for the most cautious of you!
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Luma block disc Alarm
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