Defending MotoGP champion Marc Marquez is a man of the people, that much everybody can agree to. The two-time champion proved as much when he hosted a competition in March 2015, asking independent designers to come up with the best
design for the helmet he’d be wearing at the Catalunya GP on June 14, 2015.

Turns out, his invitation was overwhelmingly received as over 500 entries were submitted. To his credit, Marquez didn’t let anybody decide which designs made it to the final stage of the competition. He did that by himself, browsing through all the designs multiple times until he was able to narrow it down to 22. From 500 to 22 for a guy who’s smack in the middle of an intense MotoGP season. That’s commitment right there, ladies and gentlemen.

Since the Catalunya GP is a month away from today, we expect Marquez to make a decision on who the winner is going to be soon. So if any of you guys found your name on the list at the tail-end of the video, we want to congratulate you for making it this far.

Here’s to hoping that your design gets chosen! I can’t imagine how cool it would feel to tell your family and friends that the design on the helmet Marquez will wear in the race was of your own making.

Good luck, finalists!

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Why it matters

In today’s world of prevalent social media interaction, fan engagement is a critical tool in establishing your brand. Marquez and his team appear to understand the importance of cultivating a loyal following of fans because this contest is being done by the champ’s own fan club and outside of the jurisdiction of MotoGP and Repsol Honda.

Asking your fans to design the helmet you’ll be wearing at one of the MotoGP rounds this season is a sign that Marquez knows and understands the pulse of his fans. You could say that this is one way for him to repay the devotion they’ve exhibited since he broke into MotoGP. I think it’s a brilliant marketing tool, designed to show everyone that fame and fortune notwithstanding, this young 22-year old really is a man of the people.

I’ll be interested to see which design he ends up choosing because not only will the winner have some pretty cool bragging rights, but he or she will also be invited to the race, courtesy of two paddock passes from Marquez himself. Oh, and he or she will also get a chance to hang out with the reigning champion and maybe get a signed helmet with his or her design on it.

Knowing what I know about Marc Marquez and his people, I feel confident that whoever gets chosen as the winner in this competition will have the time of his or her life on June 14, 2015.

Note to other professional athletes: this is one surefire way to grow your fans and build a lot of goodwill with the rest of the population.

Source: Marc Marquez

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