• Menza Motors have launched the "Lucat" electric power commuter

Another Indian start-up company giving the world its world-class product

The Emflux One is India’s first electric superbike that was launched at the 2018 Indian Auto Expo with tall claims of having a 125 mph superbike that runs on electricity for up to 100 miles at full range. And if you go full-blown-track-mode, expect a range of around 50 miles.

Now, another Indian start-up, Menza Motors, has come up with their version of an electric “power commuter” called the Lucat. And it looks bonkers for a brand new firm. This too was launched at the same Auto Expo as the Emflux was. The ‘Menza Lucat’, as it is called, is a naked streetfighter that is a factory-customized motorcycle.

Menza Motors have launched the "Lucat" electric power commuter Exterior
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What that means is that the Lucat is built as per the rider requirements and his riding style. This includes variations with body-type, suspension, seat, height and footrest made to ensure the right posture for the rider’s maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Coming to performance numbers, the Lucat has a top speed of 75 mph for the civilian setup. But Menza also provides a dedicated track package that takes the top speed up to 90 mph. This is done by dropping the mass of the bike which stands at 337 lbs by 20% and removing the software limitations. They will also tweak the suspension to make it firmer and more responsive.

Menza Motors have launched the "Lucat" electric power commuter
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The 18 kW brushless DC electric motor powers the Lucat with 24 hp and 45 lb-ft of torque that comes in at zero rpm. The 72V Li-ion battery Pack with smart BMS System has a charge time of only 4 hours and is fast charge capable in 90 minutes. From a standard power socket, the full charge time is about 4 hours. Both the motor and battery package has been specifically designed to run on Indian conditions.

The range for the Lucat falls in between the 60-90 miles depending on the riding condition and styles. The track package gives additional features like a dynamic safety system which provides notifications with speed limiting and battery drainage, along with an automatic motor off and a button for launch control.

Menza Motors have launched the "Lucat" electric power commuter Exterior
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Top spec equipment has been used here including WP Inverted Forks and custom shocks handling the suspension. A 300 mm disc with custom four-pot calipers at the front and a 230mm single piston floating caliper at the rear takes care of the brakes. Giving the bike a neo-retro look is the 17” spoked wheels wrapped with tubeless rubber.

Ducati inspired design cues sees a naked red trellis frame that adds to the sporty outlook, and the bodywork gets swoopy lines with curves making the Lucat one of the best looking electric motorcycle in the business. The front gets OEM acquired LED lights with DRL and the dash sees a TFT screen that can tether with your smartphone for GPS, notifications, and calls. Wide handlebars with bar end mirrors look the part and commit to a neutral riding position.

Menza Motors have launched the "Lucat" electric power commuter Exterior
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Menza Motors have launched the "Lucat" electric power commuter Exterior
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Menza Motors has already started pre-bookings starting mid-Feb with doorstep delivery as early as mid-August. The Menza Lucat is priced at ₹2,79,999 Ex-showroom ($4,300) and can be booked through the PayTM shopping website. The firm has “setup an entire ecosystem for electric Motorcycles within the country, which would include the product and the easy availability of charging stations along with creating a community of Menza motorcycle riders in the near future.” Says Rahul Gonsalves, founder & CEO Menza Motors.

Looks like India is becoming a hotspot for electric two-wheeler business with a brand new firm coming up with an electric powered scooter or a motorcycle every other day. The start-up ecosystem has been given a huge push by the government through the "Make In India" initiative and multiple other subsidies for electric development. No wonder it is the biggest two-wheeler market in the world.

Menza Motors have launched the "Lucat" electric power commuter Exterior
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