Ok, let’s see how we ended up writing this news. There was first the hearing, the denial, the polemics and then the confirmation, but it was all worth it. Michael Schumacher loves the two wheels almost as it does with the four so the Seven Times World Champion in Formula 1 has finally proved it its first official Superbike race.

At the Hungarian circuit in Pannonia, German racers occupy pole position and third place after riding on Honda CBR1000RR Team Holzhauer Racing Promotions models. Another winner is Schumi’s team companion Martin Bauer, a specialist in the cathegory. Between the two, Suzuki rider Andy Meklau found its place.

There was no podium party thought as the ex Ferrari pilot preferred losing the flashes of photographers present at the event. Also worth mentioning is the fact that although obtaining the best time trials, Schumacher preferred from the bottom of the deployment alongside Bauer and Meklau.

We can only wait and see what this born racer reserves for the future, but we reckon there will be many similar race endings.

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