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When everybody was almost convinced that Midual has became history, the company strikes back and has revealed the fist details about an all new model.

Keeping it up with the company’s tradition, the new motorcycle will be hand built and will feature impressive finishes and attractive lines.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the price or technical specs. However, we do know that it is named the Type-1, and it will be promoted as a luxury product, so the we can expect to a pretty peppered price tag.

The first images show the Type-1 covered by a silky red wrap, which doesn’t leave much to show except for the bike’s sleek silhouette. There were also released a few pictures with some of the bike’s body parts including the dashboard which is finished in hand-polished and lacquered Australian, and hand-polished brake fluid reservoirs.

We will have the occasion to see the new motorcycle in its full glory next month.


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