There comes a point in every collector’s life that you decide to finally dispose of your life’s work. For whatever reason, this always happens and depending on what you’re collecting, you find some kind of way to let go of all the things you’ve collected, better if you can make some money out of it. EJ Cole is one such person. He’s at the point in his life where he’s ready to finally move on with his life and get rid of his collection. On March 20 and 21, he’s going to do just that when puts up what is arguably the most valuable motorcycle collection in the world up for auction.

In case you’re wondering what constitutes Cole’s collection, auction house Mecum, which will facilitate the proceedings, says that the man has more than 220 of the rarest bikes in the world, spanning a collection that began more than 50 years ago. But this is the exciting part. According to Mecum, all of them must go. It’s the mother of motorcycle firesales and it’s going to be epic.

I don’t have the space to write down Cole’s entire collection, but perusing through the list revealed some astonishing gems, including a 1907 Harley-Davidson Strap Tank that’s could become one of the world’s most expensive motorcycles, topping out at an estimated price of $1 million. This kind of price might be peanuts for car collectors, but a motorcycle reaching eight figures? That’s a rare occurrence even by today’s standards.

The Harley Strap Tank is the crown jewel of Cole’s collection, but he also has a handful of six-figure classic bikes, none more prominent than a 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer that was once owned by none other than Steve McQueen. This beauty is estimated to fetch as much as $750,000, which you know, is a lot of green backs. Cole also has a 1911 Flying Merkel Board Tracker valued at $400,000, a 1942 Crocker valued at $350,000, and a 1913 Minneapolis Model S twin that could fetch $170,000.

In other words, Cole will likely walk away from the auction a very rich man.

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Why it matters

If you’re a devoted collector of motorcycles, this is one auction that you shouldn’t miss. The lineup of classic bikes Cole will be auctioning off with the help of Mercum Auctions is about as significant and historical as it gets.

I’ve mentioned some of the more high-priced models, but remember, there are 220 bikes that are going under the hammer. A lot of these bikes aren’t as expensive as the ones mentioned above, but they could still end up being the center piece of some other collector’s collection.

For instance, a 1915 Harley-Davidson Model 11 will also go under the hammer. That bad boy comes with an estimated price of $130,000. Not feeling that one? How about a 1915 Militaire valued at the same price? Or how about a 1917 Henderson that could sell for as much as $175,000?

If six figure purchases are a little out of your price range, you could settle for a 1942 Indian valued at a top end price of $110,000, a 1912 FN that could go for $100,000, a 1929 Excelsior Hillclimber with a price of $105,000, or a beaten up 1911 Thiem that could still go for $75,000 despite looking like it’s had better days in the past.

Cole’s collection has a lot more hidden jewels. If you want to check out the rest of the lot, go check out the other bikes you can bid on at Mecum’s official website.

Oh, here’s another advice. If you do decide to go to the auction with an idea of making a few bids here or there, don’t forget to bring your checkbook. Chances are, you’re going to need it.

Source: Mercum Auctions

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