Oberdan Bezzi is a heavyweight in the motorcycle design scene, having penned some sweet designs for the likes of Ducati, Cagiva, Aprilia, Benelli and Moto Guzzi. It’s no secret that the man has a gift for design and even when he’s not actually doing work for these manufacturers, Bezzi’s still churning out some incredible pieces of art.

His latest creation is derived from a current bike Moto Guzzi is selling: the Stelvio NTX1200. We all know what the Stelvio is and what it isn’t. It’s a very useful bike that offers decent range and has plenty of comfy amenities for long distance rides. It’s also pretty big relative to its segment and that girth adds some serious weight that makes it a little difficult to ride in less than ideal road conditions. Bezzi, though, has the solution. He calls it the Moto Guzzi X-Rally 1200 and while it still carries the same v-twin engine as that of the Stelvio, the X-Rally 1200 redefines itself by looking sleeker, lighter, and more fun to drive than the bike that is based from.

There’s beauty in the simplicity that Bezzi utilized to bring life to this design. The bike itself looks like it’s ready to be produced, although I don’t think this is what Bezzi intended when he penned it. He simply wanted to show another side to the Stelvio that nobody thought it had if you give it a few nips here and few tucks there. Once again, Oberdan Bezzi has outdone himself, although at this point, none of what he does comes as a surprise anymore.

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Moto Guzzi X-Rally 1200 Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

Moto Guzzi X-Rally 1200 Concept by Oberdan Bezzi High Resolution Exterior
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There’s an authenticity to Oberdan Bezzi’s interpretation of the X-Rally 1200 that makes you wonder if Moto Guzzi or any other bike manufacturer would pay him a visit to buy the rights to his design. It’s happened before, albeit through different circumstances. But it has happened. That’s the important thing.

As far as the bike itself is concerned, I appreciate the fact that Bezzi’s design takes out a lot of the non-essential elements of the Stelvio in favor of putting creating a look that’s more int tune with the bike’s purpose. As an off-road bike by and large, the X-Rally 1200 received new dual-sport tires in place of the actual street tires fitted into the Stelvio. There’s also what looks like a redesigned seat, a modified riding position, and a pair of Akrapovic exhausts that properly conveys the message that this bike is a true single-seater.

The engine is still the same but from the looks of things, Bezzi redesigned the frame and suspension to be stouter than what the actual model has. That’s an understated benefit of riding these things in dirt roads or God-knows-where-else.

The only downside to this creation is the likelihood that we’ll never see it again outside of these renderings. It’s a shame because anytime Oberdan Bezzi designs something for the industry - authentic enough or not - it always catches a lot of attention for better or for worse.

Source: Moto Sketches

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