Moto Morini returns and launches a new bike for 2013

After has managed to solve its financial issues, Moto Morini has managed to revive from the ashes. However, the manufacturer didn’t appeared at this year’s EICMA, instead has decided to launch the 2013 Milan model.

The new generation is based on the earlier models, but it doesn’t come with any impressive technologies of upgrades. Most of the changes were made to improve the bike’s reliability and there are also a few small tweaks to help it stay on the same line with its rivals.
For the moment Morini didn’t revealed any price specifications for the 2013 Milan, but judging by the price of its current models, it shouldn’t be too high.

At the moment Morini’s lineup includes the Corsaro, Granpasso and Scrambler. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more info.


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