Distinguishing in the electric bikes invasion is the Motobecane Motivo electric motorbike destined for urban exploitation in style. An innovative blending of consecrated materials with modern technology, the Motivo features a leather suitcase design for the battery pack feeding the two electric motors, one in each wheel. There are also walnut wood elements such as the grips, mirror and headlight housing giving it a unique classy look.

As practical as it is good looking, the suitcase – which is positioned where the gas tank and engine would normally be on a regular motorcycle – features a quick grab handle and can be easily taken indoors and recharged. This solves the biggest complain related to electric vehicles and it is all the work of Spanish designer Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez.

The sidestand is actually pretty unique itself and the cork saddle offers room for the rider only as the Motobecane Motivo was supposed to end up as simple as it is ingenious.

Warning: To not be confused with a scooter…or bicycle!

Motobecane Motivo electric urban motorcycle
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Motobecane Motivo electric urban motorcycle
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Motobecane Motivo electric urban motorcycle
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Source: hellforleathermagazine

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