After dominating the Czech MotoGP Grand Prix on Sunday and widen his lead in the overall standings, World Championship leader and Ducati rider, Casey Stoner explains his tactic for future races.

Although the advantage gained allows him to take it easy in the final six races to secure the points he needs for the title, the 21-year-old racer insists (despite his massive lead in the points standing) to maintain his rhythm for the future races because each and every race brings its certain amount of satisfaction.

Casey Stoner:
“I am still going out there trying to win races. All of us are here to win races, not only championships. We are all out there fighting for every point we can.
We knew we had the package at Brno and could have sat back really easily. But we knew we had a better package that anyone else for the race and I had to try and push through.”

The next race is at San Marino’s Misano circuit on Sept. 2. Let’s see what he has planned for this future race.

“It is going to be very interesting going there,”
explained Stoner. “It is a pretty bumpy circuit, maybe a little bit small for MotoGP bikes, but it should be a good race.
We have a few things to test, tyres and things like that, and I am looking forward to it. I want to make sure we have the equipment going into the last part of the season.
We have a great package at the moment and if we can improve it, then it is going to be great going into the last rounds.”

With a great number of points, exceptional package and big ambitions for the future races, this young racer seems to secure the 2007 Championship and he really deserves it.

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