Today, the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) announced the end of the 250GP class. The sanctioning body unanimously voted to the following changes in the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations:

  • Unleaded fuel will comply with the new EU standards;
  • Replacement of the 250GP class with 600cc four-stroke engines.

Currently, the 250GP class consists of two-stroke engines with a maximum of 250cc. This class has been active since the inception of the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix by the FIM in 1949. Although the reasoning is understandable, the thought of completely eliminating the 250GP class is sad, to say the least. It has always been the most successful of the so-called “support” groups to MotoGP (the premier racing class). In fact, it was the 250GP where manufacturers like Aprilia, KTM, and others made their mark in motorcycling racing.

I realize in this eco-friendly world that a two-stroke engine is considered worthless and unnecessary; however I had the pleasure of seeing a real 250GP in the form of an Aprilia RS250. It was a few years back at a local bike rider’s watering hole and this very different sounding bike pulled up. It was probably the coolest looking bike I had ever seen. It looked and sounded like it was ready and waiting for the next Grand Prix. The end of an era in motorcycle racing has been thrust upon us; I do believe a moment of silence is owed to the 250GP class.

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Rod  (825) posted on 09.16.2008

Two strokes engines are wicked this is why the 250GP Class has always been awesome.
Sad to see the end.smiley

Rod  (25) posted on 06.30.2008

That is not cool! I love the 250 class and miss the 500 class. AlGore and his hoax strike again....

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