This isn’t the first year in which May is being proclaimed “Motorcycle Awareness and You” month, but the continuously growing number of crashes clearly shows that drivers didn’t catch the idea.

There are now more motorcycles on the road then ever before (70% more than 10 years ago) and this month there all cleaned up and ready to go, but still not provide any kind of at least mental safety given by the fact that the rushed guy in that red sedan stopped in front of you before turning left. You’ll rarely see that happen.

Nothing is going to change if you don’t change it! So next time when driving home to your family tired from work, but still listening to music in your car make sure to look twice before going through a crossing, check once again the mirror before hitting it and take the time to make sure that the single headlight shining in front of you will cheer a kid’s heart as it knows that daddy comes home, probably from work, just like you.

The video attached below is shocking, but sometimes this is the only way make people understand your point.

Maxx Biker
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