In what concerns this vicious circle determined by the increasing gas price, everybody does what it knows best. Bush is trying to keep gas numbers down (only that it doesn’t have any positive results), yesterday’s car drivers become today’s riders and the most important task – protecting people’s lives – falls in the hands of motorcycle producers.

One of the most notorious Japanese builders, Honda, has recently come up with this first demonstrative video having the intention of pointing out a bike’s performance with and without the anti-lock-braking system.

So they develop tests on wet or covered in sand surfaces with excellent results and if you are more of a non-thruster, there are also parallel demonstrations which clearly point out the way to go when choosing your bike’s brake system.

Experienced riders often say that the ABS takes a good part of a bike’s character and they don’t feel like being assisted when braking. That’s their opinion. If you’re a beginner I say the ABS leaves the best chances you’ll get out of a tricky situation with no dust on your new motorcyclist costume.(You know I just tried to make a nicer formulation there and things can go a whole lot worst).

Source: motoblog

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