• Motorcycle cops are busting speeders on the Broken Arrow Expressway

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(TULSA, Okla.) - If you have a lead foot, you may want to avoid part of the Broken Arrow Expressway. Motorcycle cops are busting speeders on the B.A., between 41st and Mingo. From high above highway traffic, motorcycle cops are stopping speeders.

When they see a dangerous driver, they radio down to officers about a half mile further down the highway, giving officers a head start. Most of these drivers have no idea who’s waiting and who’s watching. Then out of nowhere, you’ve been caught.

“I’m pretty wide open here, people can see me, I have this big gold helmet on this blue uniform.” Corporal Ron Clark says there’s no need to fool anyone. The way many people are driving, “it’s not uncommon for us to write speed limit citations in excess of 100 miles per hour.”

Police say there’s at least one accident on this stretch of highway every day and too many times they’re fatal. “if your driving in excess of 80 and you have a collision on this highway your likelihood of surviving that is pretty narrow.”

You may not like it, but cops say getting a ticket may save your life even if it does take ten cops and a surprise stop to get you to slow down.

Motorcycle officers run saturated patrols at least once a week when the weather cooperates. But they say that the stretch of highway between 41st and Mingo is one of their most common targets.

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