Motorcycle fatalities decreased in Massachusetts in 2006 despite a 5% increase in registrations, reported the State’s Motorcycle Association.

"We are encouraged with the results, but we still have a lot of work to do," said Kevin Griffin of Plymouth, Chairman of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA). "The trend is going in the right direction."

The Registry of Motor Vehicles year end report showed 48 motorcycle fatalities in 2006, with over 167,000 registered motorcycles in September. There were 54 fatalities in 2005 and 60 deaths in 2004. Motorcycle registrations continue to increase each year. In 2002, there were about 135,000 bikes.

"These stats show training, education and awareness help save lives," claimed Joe "Sarge" Komola of Tewksbury, who directs the MMA’s safety & education efforts.

The MMA praised the work the Registry of Motor Vehicles does managing the State’s Rider Education and Awareness Program.

"They work with us in developing new strategies and messages each year, targeted at drivers and riders to reduce accidents,"
said Paul W. Cote of Amesbury, the MMA’s director of government relations.

"The RMV, along with the Transportation, MassHighway and the Turnpike Authority work well with us," claimed Cote. "We are hoping this relationship will continue and flourish under the new administration."

Two dollars of each annual motorcycle registration goes into a Fund for motorcycle safety. The MMA is working with the Governor’s transition team to fully Fund its program in 2007.

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